High Pressure Air Dryer

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Compressed air contains considerable quantity of moisture in vapour form. The vapour will condense into liquid when the temperature drops. This will be the major cause of downtime in compressed air systems. The only way to prevent condensation is to reduce the dewpoint temperature which is only possible by installing a suitable compressed air dryer. Summits with its rich experience provides innovative solutions to produce dry air by means of using desiccant adsorption technology.
• Rugged stainless steel construction

• Individual back pressure check valves for trouble free operation

• Individual changeover & exhaust valve system for reliable operation

• Soft repressurization system

• Compact design , occupies less floor space

• Online dewpoint monitoring and control

• Outlet air quality according to ISO 8573-1,Table 3,Class 2 / 1

• Capacity:10 to 600 m3/hr

• Inlet air pressure 70 to 350 bar g

• Inlet air temperature: 5 to 60oC

• Pressure Dewpoint temperature: -40 / -70oC

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 air dryer

High Pressure Air Dryer

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